Dawn Dove for Growth

Offering my candidacy as Chief Sachem of our Narragansett Tribal Nation. Following in the traditional matriarchal ways of our Narragansett People and the many great Saunksqa (female sachems) that have walked this path before me.

Plans for the Narragansett Tribe

I have three major areas that I would like to focus on for the Narragansett Tribe in the future. They are Economic Development, Land and Property Acquisition, and Community Programming for Unity.  I believe these three components, if focused on, will bring growth to our nation.

When I speak of Economic Development, I am thinking of jobs for our people. I would like to see our tribal members/citizens have a vibrant and growing Narragansett tribal economy that supports our families, community and nation. I believe we can do this together  working for our nation’s growth. Some projects might be small and others large. Some ideas that the tribe has already put forth in our tribal profile are such things as: campsites, foreign trade zone, cable television, a trading post, commercial powwows, guided tours of tribal property, an entertainment center, forestry projects, a tribal Museum, a library and Research Center, franchise businesses and construction projects. These are all doable ideas,  Transparency in financial management will enable us to work with other entities. Education, business training and leadership development will bring growth and opportunity to the Narragansett Nation

The second topic that I would like to look at is land and property acquisition. Once again, this would lead to more opportunities for our people  in such areas as; housing, environmental protections, sacred land rights, and more business ventures. It is very stressful to me as I drive down so many roads and see development after development and no housing for our own people. I would like a committee to work with Tribal Council to bring forth ideas for establishing a plan to equitably and fairly develop a process for having the opportunity to put your name in for a drawing for housing. I believe the tribe should be acquiring housing for our people. Secondly, as the indigenous people of this land we honor the places that our ancestors have walked upon we honor those places that we hold as sacred even to this day. We need to ardently work to protect the land and the environment. I feel land acquisition and protection corresponds very nicely with eco-tourism and cultural tourism and gaining access to our waterways.   The opportunity for business development can be greatly enhanced with the acquisition of properties. All of this once again brings jobs and prosperity to our nation.

The third area that I would like to focus on is community programming for Unity. Community programming develops inclusion through Health and Wellness. I see these programs as a sharing of traditional knowledge. Through a collaborative spirit we can work for the generations yet to come. We know that we, the Narragansett, a strong, proud, people, have been oppressed therefore we all need to work within our community to strengthen our people’s knowledge of their own history, culture, traditions, spirituality, and language.  Knowledge bearers and our tribal cultural, educational, health, and environmental programs can work cooperatively to provide more programs for our community. One thing I know for sure, if we all put forth our memories of what our families did culturally and traditionally we will be a stronger people, this will work to foster a spirit of community unity.